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2051643 Rear Disconnect
2051644 Rear Disconnect with ARB Compressor
2051645 3.0L V6 T-Case Adapter Plate 1988-1995
2051646 3RZ Tacoma (1995-2004) T-Case Adapter Plate Manual Trans. Only
2051647 3RZ/5VZ Tacoma (1995-2004)T-Case Adapter Plate - 2.7L Auto Trans. Only / 3.4L Manual and Auto
2051648 Tacoma (1995-2004) Dual Case Adapter Kit
2053152 Differential Stud Eliminator Kit
2054046 & 2054048 Trail Creeper Transfer Case Gears 4.7
2054050 Trail Creeper 21 Spline Dual T-Case Adapter
2054059 Twin T-Case Shifter Top Shift
2054151 Top Shift T-Case Conversion Kit
2060064 Rock Assault Ram Steering - 1.5" x 6"
2060091 Rock Assault P/S Pump Kit(1,450psi)-20R/22R/RE/RET
2060093 Rock Assault P/S Pump Kit(1,450psi) - 3VZ
2060100 Wheel Spacers(Pair) - 6 Lug x 1" Wide (6 on 5.5")
2063003 Trunnion Bearing Eliminator Kit (1979-1995) With Solid Axle
3032405 Rock Defense Rear Bumper - 4Runner (1984-1989)
3032410 Rock Defense Rear Bumper Support Kit - 4Runner (1984-1995)
3032430 Rock Defense Front Bumper - Tacoma (1995-2004)
3032481 Rock Sliders Without Gussets - 58" Shortbed/4Runner
3032488 Rock slider-install
Tacoma SAS Kits
Rock Assault 6-Ply Limit Straps
IFS Steering Box Bleeding
Rocker Arm Assembly
LC Pro Forged Piston 22R/22RE/22RTE


Throttle Body

Short Shifter

Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment (Open with Adobe Reader Only) 1097000 thru 1097016 Short Shifter Kits
1097004 Short Shifter Top Shift
1061060 Throttle Body Spacer Kit 1GR 4L 1097005 Short Shifter Forward Shift



Engine Crate Building Instructions




California Smog Executive Order Numbers in PDF

TRD 1GRFE Supercharger
TRD 2AZ-FE Supercharger