Application: 1063021 - Pro Fuel - LC Pro Fuel Injection Kit #1
1063024 - Pro Fuel - LC Pro Fuel Injection Kit #2
1063027 - Pro Fuel - LC Pro Fuel Injection Kit #3

The LC Engineering Pro Fuel Injection System will give you total control over the fuel and ignition curve of your engine. This system can be programmed to handle unlimited engine modification, performance options and environmental changes.

With this level of performance, careful engine tuning is required. Keep records on what your settings are and what changes you make. This will give you a reference tool regarding the setup you use for your system.

Warning: Improper ignition timing and/or setting the fuel mixture too lean or too rich will damage your engine.

Follow the guidelines in the SDS instructions for base setup. For computer and programming support, please call Racetech Technical Support at 403-453-7687 or 403-671-4015.

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Instructions

Connect the SDS wiring harness TPS wires to the stock Toyota 85-95 TPS Switch. Unscrew the TPS switch and reposition it pointing toward the fire wall for wire layout convenience. Connect wires as follows:

Red Wire = VCC
White Wire = VTA
No Wire = IDL
Black Wire = E2

Pro Injection Plate Kit
22RE Part # 1065000 2RZ Part # 1063005

Following is a list of items and guideline for installing the LC Engineering Plate Kit and Pro Fuel Injection. For installation support on the LC Engineering Plate kit please call LC Engineering Technical Support at 928-505-2501.

1063030 Magnet Pick Up Bracket (upper)
Mounts on oil pump. Locates pick-up module in upper location.

4  8mm Flat Washers (for shimming)
2  8mm Wave Washers (for shimming)
2  8mm x 125 x 40 Flat Head Allen
1  8mm x 125 x 85 Flat Head Allen

1032006 Water Block Off (Under Manifold)
Used to remove heater tube from center of intake manifold.
Uses stock hardware.

1063012 Air Temp Plate
Mounts air temp probe in cold start injector location.
Uses stock hardware.

1016009 EGR Block Off (Head)
Removes EGR from head location.

3   8mm x 125 x 20mm Hex Bolt
3   8mm Flat Washer

1032000 EGR Block Off (Manifold)
Removes EGR from back of intake plenum.
Uses stock hardware.

1085003 Ignition Coil Mount Plate (24-500F Only)
Mounts coil Pack in stock igniter mounting location.

4   10-24 x 3/8" Flat Head Allen
2   6mm-100 x 20 Flat Head Allen

1063033 Map Sensor Mount Plate
Locates map sensor on valve cover.

2   10/24 x 1 Allen Screw
2   #10 Flat Washer
1   8mm x 125 x 20mm Hex Bolt
1   8mm Flat Washer

1081024 Distributor Plug
Plugs distributor hole in head for F System with multi-coil ignition.




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