Toyota Timing Chain Kits

The Importance of quality timing chain components is crucial and we can not stress enough the importance of using quality parts. The only replacement timing chain kits that are worth installing in your Toyota are the ones from OSK the supplier to Toyota. Timing chain replacement can be a difficult job since you do have to remove most of the components off the front of the engine. This is a job you do not want to do over anytime soon. The LCE recommendation is "If the chain does not say Japan on it don't use it". The OSK kits will come with the chain, crankshaft sprocket, cam sprocket, tensioner, gaskets and guides. We have all the chain kits in stock and ready to ship.

Late Model Toyota Timing Chain CoverToyota Timing Chain kit OSK

1015000 20R/22R Dual Row Timing Chain Kit 1975-1984Was $149.95 NOW $134.95

1015010  22R/RE Single Row Timing Chain Kit w/Plastic Guides 1983-1984 Was $99.95 NOW $89.95

1015033  22R Single Row Timing Chain Kit Plastic Guide 1985-1995Was $99.95 NOW $89.95

1015035 22R Single Row Timing Chain Kit With Metal Guides 1985-1995Was $149.95 NOW $134.95

Japan Water Pump

How to tell if your water pump is about to fail. Every water pump has something called a weep hole. The hole is just a few millimeters in diameter and should be located on the side of the pump or facing toward the ground. Normally the weep hole is sealed by a gasket, but as the water pump begins to wear, the gasket will erode. As a result coolant will begin to dribble out of the hole. This is very serious and indicative that the water pump is no longer able to do its job. If coolant should leak out of this hole while the engine is idling, you're best course of action is to replace it immediately. You risk overheating your engine and doing irreparable damage to it otherwise.

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Toyota 22 Water Pump

1016172 Street Water Pump - 20R 1978-1980 or 22R1981-1984

1016132 Street Water Pump - 22R/22RE 1985-1995

Toyota Blueprinted Oil Pumps

Not many people consider the oil pump in a build, perhaps because it's not power increasing part or perhaps because it's not talked about much.  It is however perhaps the most critical part for an engine.  It is also a highly stressed part which can be prone to failure.  Toyota engines use what is called a gerotor pump. A gerotor unit consists of an inner and outer rotor spinning inside a sealed housing. When the oil pump is blue printed all the clearances are checked rotors debured and the housing goes thought a hard anodizing process for longevity. The oil pumps are higher volume than stock but run at the same pressure as stock.

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Toyota 22R 22RE Oil Pump Blueprinted

1016069 Pro Oil Pump 20R/22R/RE 1978-1984

The LCE Timing Chain Conversion Kit

A long time staple of LCE is a kit that allows the use of the stronger dual row timing kit on the late model 22R/RE engines 1985-1995. The timing chain conversion kit that we build all of our race engines with is now on sale. This kit will include a new timing chain cover that is specially designed to fit the late block on the 22R/RE engine. To make this kit work properly we use the 1981 to1984 water pump and an early pro oil pump that has been blueprinted by LCE, all gaskets, front crankshaft oil seal and even the hardware for the timing cover. To round out the the dual row conversion kit we use the OSK dual row timing chain that is made special for us. Save by purchasing now.

LCE Toyota Timing Chain Conversion

1015012 LCE 22R/RE (85-95) Dual Row Timing Chain Conversion Kit Was 399.95 NOW $359.95

Toyota Timing Chain Covers

Finding a quality replacement timing chain cover can be difficult, we definitely know this first hand. Many of the imported covers that are out there for sale have problems right away due to poor casting methods. Don't put yourself in the position of doing a timing cover more than once. It's not a hard job but one that you do not want to do over. We are offering the early and late timing chain covers at a great discount for a limited time. Don't delay by today.

1015030 22R/22RE 1985-1995 New Timing Chain Cover Was $79.95 NOW $59.95

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World Finals Of Jet Ski Racing 2012

The 2012 World Finals of jet ski racing wrapped up with tons of great racing and huge results for the Sea Doo Centre of Melbourne, Australia and LC Engineering. What can you say when you get a first, second, and third in GP Unlimited, first in womens stock and another first in stand up jet ski mens division. The teams racked up more titles in many divisions though out the week of racing. Les Cooke and Kylie Ellmers of the Sea Doo centre did an outstanding job of keeping everything together and bring the teams to the podium. This year was a great year for jet ski racing and we would like to thank all of the teams and we look forward to next year.

-The LCEngineering staff-

James Bushell 1 Sea Doo

Jared Morre 2 Sea Doo

Chokuthit molee 3 Sea Doo

kylie Ellmers 1 Sea Doo

Dustin 1 Hydro Space

The teams


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