Real Weber Carburetors

Now we have even more choices for Weber Carburetors. BEWARE of imitators we have warned you before that there are some companies that use the weber name on their carburetors usually just a sticker. The genuine weber replacement parts that we sell will not work in the solex and empi or interco carbs that are made in china. LC Engineering only sells the genuine Weber carbs that are distributed by Redline in the United States. We have added the manual choke versions of the 32/36 and 38. As well as the carb only kits that will not include the adaptor or air filter. Perfect if you are just replacing a Weber carburetor that was already installed.

Fake new Webers from China can be found cheaply, but beware everyone agrees they are’t as well made and will not give the ultimate performance and efficiency. Reports from customers are that they can not be tuned or hold the adjustment made. This can be very frustrating especially when the parts that are ordered will not work.

The official Weber company is owned by Fiat subsidiary Magnetti Marelli, and Webers were manufactured in Bologna, Italy, until the late 1980s, when the tooling and production moved to Guadalajara, Spain. The real thing will have the Weber logo (a stylized thick underlined ‘W’), the WEBER name and MADE IN SPAIN cast into the body of the carburetor.

The choice is simple. Be sure it says REDLINE to assure you that your "genuine" European WEBER carburetor is tuned and jetted for the absolute best value your money can buy.

REDLINE's use of the European WEBERS assures the consumer they are receiving the same high quality genuine WEBER carburetor that has gone into the conversion kits for over 30 years. Time and race proven - there is really only one "genuine" Weber carburetor - the Legendary European designed and Built WEBER (made in Spain)

Manual Choke weber Weber Carb Kits

New Carburetor Only

We are now offering Genuine Weber Carburetors only not in kit form. These parts below are just the bare carbs. No air filters or adaptor plates. Perfect for those that just replacing a existing Weber carb.

Genuine Weber Carb Toyota

1030031 Weber 32/36 Carburetor Only 20R/22R Electric Choke $239.95
1030035 Weber 32/36 Carburetor Only 20R/22R Manual Choke $214.95

1030037 Weber 38 Carburetor Only 20R/22R Electric Choke $298.95
1030038 Weber 38 Carburetor Only 20R/22R Manual Choke $298.95

Tacoma 4 Cylinder Heads

Tacoma 2RZ 3RZ Cylinder Heads

We have cylinder heads for every 4 cylinder need. We just completed the build for Street Cylinder heads for the 2RZ and 3RZ Tacoma engines. Using the best quality components on the market. We have seen all the aftermarket cylinder heads for the 2RZ and 3RZ motors, and we can say the only casting that is worth using is the OE Toyota casting so that's where we start. We get the Toyota head casting then for the street heads we us a stock sized valves with our street valve springs with increased seat pressure over 40% and the high quality Viton valve seals.

Soon we will be releasing our Pro heads and Stage 3 heads. With upgrades valvetrain and dual springs we will be offering heads for naturally aspirated as well as boosted applications. Keep a watch on and our monthly newsletters for more information.

1021054 2RZ/3RZ Street Cylinder Head 2001-2004 4 Port $1499.95
1021051 2RZ/3RZ Street Cylinder Head 1998-2000 8 Port $1499.95


Cool Oil Keeps Engines Alive

Oil cooler kits help prolong the life of your oil and in turn your internal engine components. Hard driving causes higher engine temperatures. Factory oil coolers are normally small water-cooled devices sandwiched between the oil filter and engine block. These tax the cooling system even under normal driving conditions. Our oil coolers are an excellent addition, and are especially effective in harsh driving environments. By using a similar inner-fin core design as our intercoolers, we are able to increase oil capacity, decrease oil temperatures, and extend engine and oil life.

Part Number: 1093054 Racer Net: $159.95

Remote oil Filter and cooler

Remote Oil Filter Kit

This Kit Will Allows For Easy Oil Changes

This remote oil filter relocation kits allow you to locate your oil filter where you want it for more convenient oil changes and increased engine oil capacity. These complete kits include everything you need for easy installation: A spin-on adapter, a remote oil filter bracket, hoses, fittings, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions.

Part Number: 1093057 Racer Net: $76.95

Do It Yourself Oil Control

A sandwich adapter permits the installation of an engine oil cooler without relocating the oil filter. It installs between the oil filter and the filter land on the engine block, providing a pressurized source of oil for the engine oil cooler. This can be used to make your own oil cooler set up cooler not included. This part is just the sandwich adaptor.

Part Number: 1093055 Racer Net: $39.95

Remote oil filter

Tech For March

Our tech department is here to help with your Toyota projects. While we know our products the best we help all Toyota enthusiast. The tech's get the same two questions every day. Timing the 22RE and carb adjustments for Weber carbs.

Timing The 22RE

Tuning The Weber For High Altitude

Watch for our new tech pages coming out soon!

Reader Rides

The pictures below show one of our long time customers with his solid axel swap on his 1994 4x4 Toyota

Toyota Fish Toyota Fish Solid Axle Swap

Trail Gear Was Here

Sidewinders 4-Wheel Club, located in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Had their 13th Annual 4x4 Fun Weekend. Trail gear attended and had a booth in the vender row. Bob from Trail Gear stopped at the LC shop for the grand tour. We put some LC colors on the trail rig for the weekend.

Trail Gear Rig FJ Trail Gear Rock Crawler


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