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Toyota Big Bore Throttle Body

Big Bore Throttle Bodies

The in house machine shop here at LC Engineering has the boring of throttle bodies down to a science. We take stock throttle bodies and bore them out for even more air flow to the engine. The perfect replacement for the worn out throttle body on the high mileage trucks. Completely cleaned and machined. We then replace worn out shaft seals a common problem on the high millage engines. A new butterfly or throttle plate is installed. Packaged with a new gasket for trouble free install. There is a core charge when purchasing of $100 return your old one it's like having money in the bank

Big Bore Throttle Body on LCE Performance

We also Offer Ported intakes that will match the big bore throttle bodies to increase the horsepower even more. Add the Teflon gaskets and you will notice increased fuel mileage.

LC EFI Intake Manifolds

Throttle Body Spacers

Nothing Beats cheap horsepower. We have the dyno proven horsepower adder that some say no way, but our testing show gains of at least 5 horsepower more in most cases just by adding out throttle body spacer kits. Easy to install even on stock engines.

Throttle Body Spacer Kit 22RE(83-88)

Throttle Body Spacer Kit 22RE(89-95)

Throttle Body Spacer Kit 2RZ/3RZ

Throttle Body Spacer Kit 5VZ


Toyota Throttle Body Spacer

Toyota Master Rebuild kits

Master Rebuild Kits

Kits Includes:

Hypereutectic pistons That are a much stronger piston that will not absorb as much heat as a cast style piston. That means you can make more power with less wear on your engine!! Pistons come with new wristpins, locks and are available in standard, +.020", +.030", +.040" or +.060" bore sizes.

Piston Rings ductile iron, plasma moly top compression rings. They have conventional cast iron second rings and 3-piece, standard-tension stainless steel oil rings. These ring sets are ideal for street use, race applications, and mild levels of nitrous or forced induction.

Pin Bushings
These bronze pin bushings will replace the worn out bushings in your stock rods.

Main, Rod & Thrust Bearings
Main bearing are available in standard, +.010, +.020" or +.030". Rod bearings are available in standard, +.010, +.020" +.030", or +.040". Thrust bearing all come in standard size.

Complete Gasket Kit
These high quality gasket kits include A composite head gasket and all the other gaskets you need to re-assemble your engine.

Timing Chain Kit
Single row timing chain kits include: chain, plastic guides, tensioner and sprockets.

Oil Pump
This kit comes with an Aisin oil pump. This is the same pump you will get at your Toyota dealer at a fraction of the cost.
Brass Freeze Plugs
Brass replacement freeze plugs will last longer than steel or aluminum and give you that extra protection for your engine.

Master Rebuild Kits

Can't Find What You Need Call Sales

CP Forged Pistons

Every piston is designed through extensive research and development with the support CP and LC Engineering for the Toyota engines. From huge boost to the naturally aspirated daily driver we have made pistons from mild to the wild. Used in virtually all the race engines we build we have not seen a better quality piston yet. We can assist in building crank rod and piston packages for any engine. An example is the 1GRFE 4.0 liter in a low compression for boost to 12:1 for the naturally aspirated racing engines. Need a custom piston built for your project? Call the LC sales team and we can assist in getting whats right for you.

We also offer Hyper eutectic pistons. We call them the street sets because they are perfect match for the daily driver with moderate upgrades. Call our sale Department for your application today.

Check Out All The Pistons Sets Here

Forged CP pistons

Spal fan Controlers

Closing Out The Spal Fan Controllers

The top unit is SPAL's all new programmable fan controller allows you to vary the speed of a single cooling fan based on engine temperature. This results in increased fan life and reduced operational noise.

You simply choose the Low and High temperature settings you desire. When the low temperature setting is reached the fan begins spinning at 50% speed. As the engine temperature increases, the speed of the fan slowly increases until it reaches the High setting, where it is then running at 100%.

The system can operate dual fan setups with the ability to trigger an external fan relay to power your second fan. An input for your air conditioning system allows fans to run at 100% when the A/C is activated. Built in timing features keep fans off during modern vehicle defrost cycles. On board status indicator lights report error codes and let you know the FAN-PWM-V3 is active and ready.

The second part is a relay wiring kits are a must-have when installing an electric fan. Designed to safely integrate with OEM wiring our kits feature a waterproof 10/40 Amp relay along with printed wires which aid in installation.

Our kits feature 3/8" NPT stainless steel sender with optional switched override capability. 1/2" adapter is included.

The third part is LCE's own Sender manifold that goes in line in the radiator hose.

Electric Fan Relay Kit w/Sensor Programmable

Electric Fan Relay Kit w/Sensor 185 On/165 Off

Water Temp Sender Manifold (Inline Radiator Hose)

Some Of The Best Tech

Usually the Toyota Truck ownership is a love affair for life. That's why every owner should have one these manuals in the garage. The Haynes manual is an invaluable resource for information. Not used nearly enough this can help with some of the more basic of questions even some of the hard questions too. Our tech would like to request that if your going to work on your own vehicle get one of these manuals. Want to figure out a weber carb try the weber tuning manual as it covers most of the common carb styles down draft and Sidedraft.

Repair Manual Truck & 4Runner (79-95)

Repair Manual Tacoma 4Runner T100 (95-04)

Repair Manual Tacoma 2005-2009 Coming soon

Weber Carburetor Tuning Manual

Toyota Manual For Repair

Tacoma Dyno Tuned

We recently got a Toyota Tacoma rolling on twenty's with a 3.4 liter 5VZ running the TRD supercharger and the URD extra injector piggy back system. While the automatic transmission robs a lot of horsepower we did see over 10% gain in both torque and horsepower.

Torque 180 Horsepower 172 at the rear wheels

The LCE Shop Is Full

Jet Ski World Finals Lake Havasu City Arizona

The World Jet Ski Finials is almost here and our shop is full of race teams race gas and race boats. Again LCE is happy to host the worlds fastest jet ski riders. We are making parts finishing up all the details to get the racers ready for the water. Teams from the USA Australia New Zealand South Africa and the British are here in the shop as well as all the walk in's from all over the world. With temps hovering around 100 degrees this year should be a blast. If you need some place to go October 1st thru the 9th Come on by we will give you a tour of our facility.

Practice At Dusk


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