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Toyota Cylinder Heads

3VZ Street Heads

LC Engineering has a perfect replacement for the 3.0L (3VZ V6) customer who is on a tight budget. These budget minded heads start with a brand new casting and then our cylinder head experts fit them with all brand new components. We use stock sized steel intake and exhaust valves. The head is then fitted with LC Engineering exclusive Street Performer valve springs. These spring provide a higher spring pressure along with a smaller diameter wire to allow the use of a higher lift cam without any coil bind issues. The valve train is finished of with Viton valve seals, hardened keepers, new Street Performer retainers and an exhaust stud kit so you can replace those old worn out exhaust studs. No longer will you need to bother with trying to get a set of old heads machined flat to keep from blowing head gaskets! These heads have a perfectly flat surface, providing a perfect head gasket seal for years of problem-free service. You will reuse the original camshafts and buckets when installing these heads. Check out the special pricing on the web site.


Hold The Heads Down

We know how to end the 3VZ head sealing problems. Use quality parts like the Multi layered stainless steel head gaskets with the additional holding power of the ARP stud make this the best sealing head gasket set on the market.

Pro Head Stud Set 3VZ


MLS Head Gasket & Stud Kit 3VZ

3VZ head Gasket kIT

Toyota Stainless Valves

Oversized Valve Kit

This kit for the Toyota 22R 4 cylinder heads. Our most popular Stainless Steel oversized valves that will fit on the stock valve seat after the required valve job is performed. Intake valves are made from an enhanced version of EV8 (21-4N) the highest grade of Stainless steel available. the exhaust valves are made from EV16 (21-8N) for greatest strength at higher temperatures. Remember to use the street performer valve springs for cam lifts under . 450 Pro dual valve springs recommended for lifts over .450.

Pro/Stage 2/Stage 3 Valve Kit 22R/RE/RET

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LC Street Springs

The LCE Street Performer Valve Springs fit in the stock spring pockets and install with all of the stock valve train components. The Street Performer Springs will control your valves up to 5,500 RPM, with a valve lift of .450". For higher valve lift, we recommend our Pro Dual Valve Springs.

Street Performer Valve Spring Set

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Toyota valve Springs Performance

Toyota Rocker Arm Kit

Toyota Rocker Arm Kit

This is a set of 8 rocker arms for the 20R and 22R/RE/RET Toyota 4 cylinders. A genuine Toyota Part from our local Toyota dealer directly. We have tried all the rocker arms out in the market and The OE Toyota rockers are the only ones we will use. This is one of our best selling kits that we offer. The rockers will include the factory Toyota adjuster and the adjuster nuts. Sold as a set of 8 rockers 8 adjuster and 8 adjuster nuts. All parts are in this kit Genuine Toyota Parts.

Toyota Rocker Arm Kit

LC Low Price Toyota

Reman Oil Pans

The remanufactured oil pans we offer come with the pan, pickup tube, drain plug, drain plug gasket, pick-up tube gasket. These pans are remanufactured and will definitely show cosmetic flaws but they hold oil just fine. We also offer new pans if you need that new finish.

4X4 Reman Oil Pan

Two Wheel Drive Reman Oil Pan Here

LC Engineering low price

Toyota 22R/RE oil pan reman

Toyota 3RZ tubo

Street Turbo Kits

LC Engineering has offered turbo kits for the 4 cylinder Toyota's for a number of years now. Our experience with these kits has lead to major improvements over the years. Every kit we build gets mocked up so the customer will have a successful build the first time. Don't like the easy way to horsepower we sell all the components separately so you can engineer you own turbo setups. From mild to wild our tech can assist with all your turbo need for Toyota engines. Due to the fact that we assemble the kits in house before we ship there will be a lead time before shipping call sales to find out more. See our standard kits below prices start at $2499.

Street Turbo kits 4 Cylinder Toyota

LC one wire alternator kit

The Best One Wire Alternator Kit

Running big lights and huge amps or winch this is the kit to get

LC Engineering's newest addition to the high output alternator kit is a billet lower bracket. The kit was designed to be a complete bolt-on kit with no additional parts or fabrication needed! This kit includes a new heavy duty, American made alternator with dual internal fan and heavy duty windings. Included in the kit is a custom upper brackets and new billet lower mount, new belt, 5 feet of 10 gauge wire with ring terminals and all the hardware you need to install the kit. You will not find a better kit on the market! We have even supplied the power cable with a pre-installed ring terminal on the alternator side so all you have to do is route the cable, cut to length and install the battery side ring terminal. That's as close to a direct bolt on as you can get for your Toyota. We off the kit in two amperages 120 and 140 amps.

High Output Alternator Kit 120 Amp 22R/RE/RET Low Price

High Output Alternator Kit 140 Amp 22R/RE/RET LOw Prices LCengineering


Metal Guide Tech

LC Engineering has available the timing chain guides in metal for both the single row and dual row timing chain kits. We are now including instructions for the curved guide as this seems to be common question our techs are getting these days. Installation of the timing chain is pretty straight forward. The new metal guides will install with new hardware supplied in the kit. Four new bolts with washers will be used instead of the shoulder bolts that were stock that fit in the plastic guides. The guides are installed first and are to be positioned toward the outside of the engine block do not tighten down yet. Install the crankshaft gear in place then install camshaft gear and chain with the bright link on top. The straight guide can now be positioned and tighten down the bolts to 9 Ft. Lbs thread locker not required but can be used. The tensioner can now be installed same torque for the tensioner bolts 9 Ft. Lbs. Position the curved guide towards the out side of the engine, if you move the curved guide in and out you will see that chain will move the tensioner in and out. The tensioner has a good bit of travel so we start with it in most of the way. Torque all bolts down and install the upper gear on the camshaft. Timing chain cover will be the next part to install.

See this instruction as well as a wealth of Toyota technical information on LC Engineerings tech pages.

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