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Keep Your Cool This Summer
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LC Engineering stocks the made in Japan water pumps for thee most common applications. All the water pumps will come with gasket unless it is designed to use silicone (see tech note below).

Toyota 4AG Water PumpToyota 20R Water Pump

We have the highest quality Toyota water pumps in stock. For the up coming Summer season don't be left stranded because of a simple water pump. We use the Japan made Nissan or Aisin water pumps.

1016131 Street Water Pump - 4AG w/Housing & Gaskets Was $129.95 NOW $116.95

1016126 Street Water Pump - 20R (75-8/77) Was $58.95 NOW $53.05

1016132 Street Water Pump - 20R(9/77-80) or 22R(81-84) Was $58.95 EA NOW $53.05

22r/RE Toyota Water Pump2RZ 3RZ Toyota Water Pumps

1016129 Street Water Pump - 22R/22RE (85-95) Was $58.95 NOW $53.05

1016135 Street Water Pump - 2RZ/3RZ (95-04) Was $66.95 NOW $60.25

We Also Carry the V6 Water pumps For The 3VZ and 5VZ Trucks and 4 Runners

Toyota 3VZ With Cooling TubeToyota 3VZ Water Pump with out Extra Cooler Tube

1016134 Street Water Pump - 3VZ(89-92)(Auto Trans w/Water Tube) Was $59.95 NOW $53.95

1016139 Street Water Pump - 3VZ(89-92)(Manual Trans w/o Water Tube) Was $59.95 NOW $53.95

1016136 Street Water Pump - 3VZ(93-95) Was $59.95 NOW $53.95

5VZ Toyota Water Pump

1016137 Street Water Pump - 5VZ With Cooler Tube Was $79.95 NOW $71.95

1016138 Street Water Pump - 5VZ With Out Cooler Tube Was $79.95 NOW $71.95


Flex Fans Help Milage And Keep your Engine Cool

Toyota 22 Flex FanToyota 5VZ Flex Fan

Automotive cooling fans are a necessity, but the stock clutch system can also rob power when you need it most. These good looking Flex Fans are the answer. When you're driving at low RPM you need your fan to pull air across the radiator to keep your engine cool. When your moving down the highway or track, there is plenty of air moving across the radiator. Flex fans are made to keep their shape up to a certain RPM. As an engine reaches that RPM level, the fan blades flatten out reducing the air pull. A "flat fan" is much easier to turn because it has no drag. As engine RPM's slow down, the flex fan will regain its shape to pull air again. A simple radiator cooling fan solution! Matched with the LC Engineering billet aluminum spacer the flex fan kits are a perfect match for the engines listed below. Designed to be used with the stock radiator shroud this is one of the easier kits to install. Save fuel cost because the engine will not have to work as hard to turn the fan at mid range RPM and above.

1093018 Flex Fan 20R/22R/RE Flex Fan w/Billet Spacer Kit $74.95

1093030 Flex Fan 2RZ/3RZ Flex Fan w/Billet Spacer Kit $74.95

1093031 Flex Fan 3VZ Flex Fan w/Billet Spacer Kit $79.95

1093040 Flex Fan 5VZ Flex Fan w/Billet Spacer Kit $79.95


Even More Cooling Power The Electric Way

Toyota 22 Electric fanTacoma Fan Kit

There are many advantages of electric fans over stock fans. There are some other things you might want to consider. First of all, the most obvious benefit is that you'll free up a few horsepower by not having the engine turn that stock fan, which does practically nothing during highway cruising anyway. The truck will also be quieter. Gas millage will improve, and quicker ETA's down the track. Next, there will be more room in the engine bay to work on other things. Also, you can control exactly when the fan comes on, to allow your engine to run in a more specific range. However, the fans will exert a drain on the charging system this is not to problem for the newer trucks. Old trucks may require an upgrade or new alternator to take care of the starting of the electric motors.

We have in stock all the fan kits listed below

1093003 Electric Fan 20R/22R/RE Truck (75-84) & Celica (75-85) $158.95

1093131 Black Magic Electric Fan Kit(S-Blade) 22R/RE/3VZ $299.95

1093009 Electric Fan Kit 2RZ/3RZ/5VZ 95-04 Tacoma & 4Runnner $348.95

1092099 Electric Fan Kit 2TR/1GR (05-09 Tacoma & FJ Cruiser) $376.95

1093135 Electric Fan Kit Tundra (00-06) $499.95

Water Pump Tech

Toyota Water Pump Silicone Groove

All the water pumps that we sell will come with a gasket UNLESS it is designed to use silicone. The above photo shows a 3VZ water pump and the groove around the housing is designed for use with silicone gasket material not a paper gasket. We recommend the Permatex brand ultra gray silicone sealant. In a pinch even the gasket style pumps can be used will silicone sealer and you may be able to get by using a paper gasket.

The most common water pump failure is due to over tightened V- belts. An incorrectly adjusted fan belt may shorten the life of the belt or the water pump. After you install your belt you should have 5/8 in. to 3/4 in. of slack when pushing the belt with your thumb. The belt can be twisted about a quarter turn when the tension is correct.

Unbelievable, Everyone Should Know This By Now Timing The Toyota 22R/RE

Anyone that owns an older Toyota 22R/RE should have this retained forever in there memory. Day after day the tech department gets the same call. The calls start out the same "hey I just put in one of your new cams or other parts and I don't have the power I used to". When we ask did you jump the module when re timing the engine the answer is always the same, "yes". Then we will ask some qualifying questions then the answers becomes no I didn't do that. As a result of not jumping the module the timing is way off though out the whole RPM range. In computer controlled vehicles the computer is always adjusting the timing base on the computers input from all the sensors. By Jumping the module you are setting the engine's base timing and leaving the computer control out of the equations.

See the instructions here

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