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Want More Power SUPERCHARGER Kits

TRD has helped the power hungry by coming up with easy horsepower adders in the from of the bolt on supercharger kits. LC Engineering offers all the currently available kits. Below you will find the most common kits from the 4 cylinder 2RZ/3RZ kits to the 3.4 liter 5VZ V6. The newest batch of superchargers are for the 4.0 liter V6 1GRFE and the latest is for the 5.7 liter V8 3URFE.

3RZ supercharger kit Toyota5VZ supercharger Toyota


4.0liter Supercharger kit4.0 liter 3urfe kit Toyota

2RZ/3RZ Supercharger Kits

Part 7015190 Supercharger Kit - 2RZ/3RZ 95-99 Tacoma (High Boost) $3,495.95

Part 7015195 Supercharger Kit-3RZ/3RZ (95-99 Tacoma)(Smog Legal)

Part 7015200 Supercharger Kit - 2RZ/3RZ (00-04 Tacoma)(High Boost)

Part 7015195 Supercharger Kit-3RZ/3RZ (95-99 Tacoma)(Smog Legal)

Part 7015205 Supercharger Kit-2RZ/3RZ (00-01 Tacoma)(Smog Legal)

Part 7015130 Supercharger Kit - 2RZ/3RZ(95-04) No Electronics $3,395.95

Part 7010005 Supercharger Service Kit - 2R/3RZ $49.95

5VZ supercharger kits and options

Part 7015249 Supercharger Assembly - 3.4L (5VZFE) $2,795.00

Part 1063078 5VZ 6 Injector Upgrade Kit $1,174.95

Part 1063079 5VZ 7th Injector Upgrade Kit $1,174.95

Tacoma, FJ Cruiser 1GRFE Supercharger Kit

Part 7015240 TRD Supercharger Kit - Tacoma & FJ 4.0L (05-11) $4,140.00

Part 7015250 TRD Supercharger Install Kit FJ Cruiser 4.0L/07-08

Part 7015255 TRD Supercharger Install Kit - Tacoma 4.0L (05-11) $360.00

Part 1063320 7th Injector System 4.0 liter Supercharger Kit $620.00

Tundra 3UZFE Supercharger kit

Part 7015260 TRD Supercharger Kit 5.7L Tundra or Sequoia


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New Lower Pricing
On Intake Manifolds

Downdraft manifold

Check out the lower prices and all the options available for our downdraft manifolds

Part 1032054 Downdraft Intake Manifold-20R $274.95

Part 1032060 Downdraft Intake Manifold-22R $249.95 EA

Part 1032061 Downdraft Intake Manifold Dual Plane $249.95 EA

Tacoma Big Bake Kit

Tacoma Big brake Kit

Let's face it The stock brakes on your 1995-2004 6-lug Tacoma leave a little to be desired. Sure, they work alright for stock trucks that don't get driven hard, but when you start towing, hauling heavy loads, or even so much as putting on a set of aftermarket wheels and bigger tires, the stock brakes can quickly go from mediocre to downright scary. Fortunately, LC Engineering has developed a kit for that will greatly improve the braking on your 4-wheel drive or PreRunner Tacoma much better. 6 Lug Trucks only.


Part 1055203 Big Brake Upgrade Kit - Tacoma(95-04 6-Lug) $574.95 EA

In Stock Now Don't wait!

3VZ Heavy Flywheel

3VZ Heavy Torque Billet Flywheel

LC Engineering has the 3VZ 4 wheeler covered with our high torque flywheel. Keep the inertia going by running the 34 pound LC Engineering flywheel. This is 9 pounds over the stock Toyota flywheel. Match with one of our Pro clutch kits for the ultimate in holding power. Call our sales line (928) 505-2501 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Part 1051009 High Torque Flywheel - 3VZ(35lb Steel) $299.95

Heavy Duty U-Joint On Sale

Heavy Duty Toyota U-joint

Part 2060200

U-Joint - Heavy Duty Stock Replacement w/Zerk
$17.95 EACH

The Original 22R Adjustable Cam Gear

As the originator of the adjustable cam gear for the Toyota 22R/RE LC Engineering has been making these gears for more than 20 years. With two new degree windows added for the convenience of multiple track timing changes quick. Anodized aluminum hubs with laser etched marks and OE flame hardened gears. You will not find a better adjustable timing gear in the world.

Adjustable Cam Gears are the only way to change cam timing on 20R, 22R, 2RZ and 3RZ series Toyota motors and still be accurate. Both single and double adjustable camshaft gears are available from LC Engineering. Adjustable cam gears are generally used to correct camshaft timing after the head has been milled or when the block is decked. Cam gears are an effective way to dial-in a camshaft by advancing the cam for low-end power or retarding the cam for top-end power.


Part 1022003Adjustable Cam Gear(Double Row Chain) 20R/22R/RET
Was $99.95 Now $89.95

Part 1022006Adjustable Cam Gear(Single Row Chain) 20R/22R/RET
Was $99.95 Now $89.95

Part 1022009 Adjustable Cam Gear 2RZ/3RZ(Fits on Intake Cam)
Was $119.95 Now $109.95


Tacoma Solid Axle Swap Oil Pan Kits

solid axle swap oil pan kitSolid Axle swap kits

When doing a solid axle swap (SAS) on a 95-04 Tacoma, removing and replacing the oil pan is a necessary step to avoid clearance issues with the new front axle and the bottom of the engine. The oil pan from the T-100 2.7 and 3.4 engines are a direct replacement fit for the 2.7 and the 3.4 Tacoma engines and provides plenty of clearance for your axle housing, steering linkage, and ram assist.

We have put together a replacement kit for both the 2.7 and the 3.4 Tacoma engines with all the associated parts that you will need for an easy oil pan conversion while installing your Tacoma solid axle swap. All new parts that are genuine Toyota make for a convenient kit all you will need is a tube of ultra gray for install.

Part 1013246 Oil Pan Kit(New OEM) 5VZ Taco(w/Solid Axle Swap) $269.95

Part 1013243 Oil Pan Kit(New OEM) 3RZ Taco(w/Solid Axle Swap) $269.95

New Facebook Contest

Time for a new Facebook contest!! Post up a new product suggestion on our Facebook page. The top 3 suggestions will win a gift certificate to LC Engineering. First place will receive a $50 certificate, second will receive a $30 certificate and third will receive a $20 certificate. This contest will last through the month of March. Winners will be chosen and posted on Facebook on April 1st. Be creative with your suggestions. It must pertain to our product line but we also wanted to expand to different Toyota model trucks too.

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