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Toyota Swap Motor Mounts

Power steering Toyota

Heavy Duty Tacoma Motor
Conversion Mounts 2RZ & 3RZ

We Found a new company, Chilkat Designs and they have come up with the Heavy Duty Tacoma Motor 2RZ& 3RZ Conversion Mounts. Bolt a Tacoma Power Plant into your 1979 - 1995 factory 4 cylinder Toyota Truck or 4-Runner. Chilkat's conversion mounts work with 1995.5 - 2004 Tacoma 3rz (2.7 liter) and 2rz (2.4 liter) motors. Watch for more engine swap parts coming soon.

*Replaces the factory block mounts
*No modifications to factory frame mounts required
*Uses factory rubber motor mounts
*Includes: Passenger and Driver Side Brackets

9010071 Motor Mount 2RZ/3RZ Conversion Mig Welded$139.00

9010070 Motor Mount 2RZ/3RZ Conversion Tig Welded $179.00

Power Steering Pump Bracket

Chilkat Designs' power steering solution for your Tacoma 2RZ & 3RZ.  Utilize a TC style power steering pump for increased performance in your steering system.

*Cut from 1/4" MS P&O (pickled and oiled) plate
*Laser cut, TIG welded
*5/16" chain stay built in for motor hoisting without removing the pump
*Maintains Toyota factory PS belt
*TC pumps can be modified to flow at 4.5 gallons per minute
*Works with full hydro, hydro assist, or even the daily driver

9010079 Power Steering Pump Bracket Tacoma 2RZ/3RZ $49.00

NEW LC Engineering IFS Diff Drop Kits

New LC Engineering IFS Diff Drop Kit

LC Engineerings 1986 to 1995 IFS truck and 4Runner NEW differential drop spacer kits. This kit is nothing new for the Toyota trucks what makes this kit differential is we supply metric bolts for the differential mounts that will reuse the stock flange nut on top and washer on bottom. Most every one else will substitute 1/2" American hardware that can be a real pain when your working on your vehicle. This kit will take care of the problems that occurs when you raise the front of the IFS trucks. The CV angle can get to extreme and that will damage CV joint shreds boots in a short amount of time. When you drop the differential you relax the CV angle closer to stock making for longer life of front end parts.

2051250 Differential Drop Kit - P/U & 4Runner (85-95 4wd w/IFS) $49.95
(with sway bar mounts)

2051253 Differential Drop Spacer and Hardware Only $29.95

Toyota underdrive kits

Do you drive your hot street car or truck like your on a race track? Keeping the engine in the upper RPM's then the street kit is for you. This allows higher revving engines to slow the water pump down for better cooling. The Pro Underdrive kits are for Race track use not recommended for street use and definitely not for the crawlers who keep RPM low. These kits were designed for higher RPM race cars only. The kits

1016120 Street Underdrive Kit(6") 20R/22R/RE/RET $199.95

1016123 Pro Underdrive Kit(7") 20R/22R/RE/RET(Use w/o Alt) $184.95

1016124 Pro Underdrive Kit(7") 20R/22R/RE/RET(Use w/Alt) $184.95

Low Pressure Fuel Gauge



We like to use the gauge and T fitting anytime we do a new weber carb install. The weber carbs do not like more than 3 pound of fuel pressure this is a perfect way to see how your doing. Save today with this quality Areomotive Gauge.

2019125 Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-15psi For Carbureted Applications 1.5"Dia. $39.95

2019127 Fuel Pressure Gauge"T"Fitting 5/16"Hose to 1/8"npt $8.95

Red Race Valve Covers

Toyota Race Valve covers

The LCE Red Race valve cover is designed for race applications only. This cover has a modified baffle and cover that allows for elimination of the PCV valve. We then drill and tap the front breather tube. The cover is then fitted for a large breather assembly. This is a must have for all race engines! We sell these covers normally for $149.95 Save $20

1024099 Valve Cover Red Race 20R/22R/RE(75-84) $129.95

1024108 Valve Cover Red Race 22R/RE/RET(85-95) $129.95

V6 3VZ Cold Air Kits Sale

3VZ Air Kit

The LC Pro Air intake kit for the 3.0 liter 3VZ trucks and 4Runners. We have developed the best intake tube and filter kit designed to eliminate the ugly restrictive filter box, as well as get rid of the plastic intake tube and rubber elbows. By using an open element filter we added over 5 HP to the 3VZ slow. Now is the time to buy with a lower sale price. These kits include the ceramic coated intake tube, black silicone hose connections, open element K&N filter, custom air meter bracket, all clamps and bolts needed, and for 88-95 applications. Save $20 good though June only. Don't for get the Pre Charger wrap for dusty conditions.

1061490 LC Pro Air Intake Kit 3VZ(88-95) NOW $229.95

1036000 K&N PreCharger Wrap 22RE & 3VZ w/LC Pro Air Intake NOW $29.95 EA

Lower Price On 22R/RE Timing Chain Covers

Toyota Timing Chain Covers

We have searched the earth for the best quality timing chain covers. We have found a Taiwan manufacture that has the best casting by far. We stepped up and bought a large quantity to hold us over. In turn we are able to lower the price for even a better deal for our customers. Timing chain covers are not really a replacement item unless you go to long with a timing chain replacement. When the plastic guide breaks the chain will have too much slack and ends up beating a hole in the cover of course that hole will be in a water passage. The only way to repair is to replace the cover.

20R/22R New Timing Chain Cover (75-84)

Was $99.95 NOW $59.95

22R/22RE New Timing Chain Cover (85-95)

Was $79.95 NOW $49.95

LC Engineering Conversion 22R Timing Chain Cover (85-95)

For the LC conversion ONLY
NOW $149.95

PLX Gauges

PLX Air Fule Ratio

We have been carrying the PLX air fuel kit in stock for a number of years. It has been a great tool for tuning. Just about all our stand alone Pro fuel SDS kits get the PLX air fuel kits. There has been a price increase handed down to us. We have plenty of stock and are keeping the old price for the rest of June but the price will be going up in July Buy now and save.

Check out the PLX line



LC Engineering stocks the highest quality made in Japan water pumps for the most common applications.

1016131 Street Water Pump 4AG NOW $116.95

1016126 Street Water Pump 20R (75-8/77)NOW $53.05

1016132 Street Water Pump 20R(9/77-80) or 22R(81-84) NOW $53.05

1016129 Street Water Pump 22R/22RE (85-95)NOW $53.05

1016135 Street Water Pump 2RZ/3RZ (95-04)NOW $60.25

5VZ Toyota Water Pump

The best quality Japanese Water Pumps for the V6 engines in stock.

1016134 Street Water Pump 3VZ(89-92)Auto Trans
w/Water Tube
NOW $53.95

1016139 Street Water Pump 3VZ(89-92) Manual Trans
w/o Water Tube Was $59.95 NOW $53.95

1016136 Street Water Pump 3VZ(93-95) Was $59.95 NOW $53.95

1016137 Street Water Pump 5VZ With Cooler Tube NOW $71.95

1016138 Street Water Pump 5VZ Without Cooler Tube NOW $71.95

Close Out Pricing On All Celica Rotors

Toyota CelicaClica Convertable

We have supplied al sorts of parts for the older Celicas that came stock with the 20R and 22R engines. The time has come to clean our shelves of the Celica cross drilled and slotted brake rotors. Get them while you can. We may run them again but it will be on a special order and the will be a wait time. Price is good for current shelf stock only we will not hold any back orders at this price first come first served. Best to call the order in.

40551129 Celica (8/85-12/85) GT, ST Cross Drilled Rotors $59.95

40551129-1 Celica (8/85-12/85) GT, ST Cross Drilled Rotors $59.95

40551128 Celica (8/74-9/75) Cross Drilled Rotors $59.95

40551119 Celica (8/81-7/85) Cross Drilled Rotors $59.95

40551209 Celica (8/85-12/85) GTS Rear Cross Drilled Rotors $59.95

40551130 Celica (8/85-12/85) GTS Cross Drilled Rotors $59.95

Thorley Headers In stock

Toyota Dual Catalitic converterToyota header

These ceramic coated headers from Doug Thorley are one of the easiest ways to extract power from your 4-cylinder dual cat Tacoma. Polished silver ceramic coating ensures long life, lower under-hood temperatures, and will not discolor like chrome coatings do. This header features 1 1/2" mild steel primaries and a 3 bolt, dual outlet, rectangular collector to connect to factory catalytic converter. There are two styles, with EGR and With out please check your application before ordering

Application Notes:
-Fits 2RZ and 3RZ Tacomas 2WD & 4WD
-This header has an EGR flange on the last primary tube part#1046090
-For non EGR, single outlet flange header see part #1046095

1046090 Doug Thorley Header Kit 2RZ/3RZ Dual Converter With EGR $329.95

1046095 Doug Thorley Header Kit 2RZ/3RZ Dual Converter Without EGR $299.95

Cam Degreeing kits in stock

Cam Degree Kit Toyota

This kit will include a complete universal cam degree kit plus the specific adapter and mounting for the 20R/22R/RE/RET engines. That means you can use this kit on just about any engine you want! Not only that but since it has a magnetic base dial indicator it can be used for many other things such as checking flywheel runout, crankshaft end play and even ring gear backlash!

1090010 Cam Degree Kit 20R/22R/RE/RET $139.95


Our production CNC department is now running the heavy flywheels for the Toyota 4 cylinders and V6. They will all be ready to ship now. All the lightweight flywheels will be ready to ship by the end of the month. We still have a good selection on the shelf.

Check Out Our Selection of Performance Flywheels Here

Tech Alert

We Sold At least 100 Performance clutch kits in the last 45 days. The tech's have been fielding a lot of call on installs. Follow our comprehensive instructions for trouble free performance.

See the install instructions here

Here is a nicely done local Tacoma desert truck

Toyota TacomaDesert Racer

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