LC Engineering July Newsletter

The New LC Engineering Short Shifters

We are currently taking pre orders ONLY at this time. Estimated ship time is mid August. Save Money by pre ordering today. We have tried to come up with kits that will out perform the stock equipment and we did. We are ramping up production now. The pre order savings won't last long (less Than two weeks). For the W transmissions the A & B have the shifter only and the W-C, D & E have the shifter and transfer case handles in the same housing so we short shift the transfer case also and it has worked out great. In the future we will be expanding the shifter parts.

1097004 Short Shifter Kit - 22R/RE(4wd)(85-88) Top Shift Intro Pre Order Price $85

1097005 Short Shifter Kit-22R/RE(4wd)(89-95) Forward Shift Intro Pre Order Price $125

2RZ Street Package Toyota

Toyota Spiral Adapter

1033016 Holley 500 Carb to Stock 20R Manifold Adapter Kit $49.95 EA

NEW Billet Storage Plates

Custom Toyota 22R Storage Plates

Tired of stuffing rags or tape over your intake or exhaust ports when storing or building an engine!? Now LC Engineering offers custom intake and exhaust block plate kits. For 22 engines and the 2RZ and 3RZ.

1032100 Intake Block Plate Kit 20R/22R/RE/RET $14.95 EA

1032101 Exhaust Block Plate Kit 20R/22R/RE/RET $14.95 EA

1017024 Intake & Exhaust Block Plate Kit 2RZ/3RZ $29.95 EA

K&N Oil Filter Sale

Toyota K&N High Performance Oil Filters

SAVE 10% Buy Today

KNHP1002 K&N Oil Filter - Toyota Pickup - All (87-03) $8.95 EA

KNHP2004 K&N Oil Filter - Toyota Pickup - All (75-86) $8.95 EA

KNHP3001 K&N Oil Filter - Heavy Duty -Toyota Pickup - All
$8.95 EA

2RZ/3RZ Underdrive

Toyota 2RZ 3RZ underdrive pulley

As we always try to improve our product we have done it again. The seal surface is now Stainless Steel For a lifetime of service. For the 2RZ/3RZ, all of the underdriving is done at the crank pulley, not the accessory pulleys. This is done so that maximum weight loss can be achieved at the crank where most of the horsepower gains are realized. The 3RZ series underdrive crank pulleys are available in black anodized finish with the engraved LC Engineering Performance Toyota logo.
Application Note: You may have to change belt sizes to use this pulley.

1016107 Underdrive Crank Pulley - 2RZ/3RZ $150.00 EA

New Shifter Parts

We now carry the Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty Shifter Seat upgrade. These components greatly reduce the amount of slop as well as prolong the life of the shifter. Read the descriptions to get the right seat. Don't forget the nylon cup for the ball end of the shifter.

9035013 Shifter Seat(HD)-All Exc 85-88 4wd(Top Shift)WHITE $13.95 EA

9035014 Shifter Seat(HD) - Transfer Case (BLUE) $13.95 EA

9035011 Shifter Seat(HD)-22R/RE(4wd)(85-88)Top Shift(RED) $13.95

9035018 Shifter Nylon Bushing - End of handle $4.95 EA

Toyota Tech

We work hard putting our instructions together for our products. Many of the instructions are online for our parts that we make. We also have many different manufactures instructions on the web also. If there is a set of instructions you need call our sales desk and we will see what we can do about getting them loaded on the web or e-mailed to you. LC Engineering wants all of its customers to have an easy successful install no matter what the part.

Tech Page Link

All Fired Up Racing

Here is a very nice example of 5VZ offroad race truck. We would like to thank All Fired Up Racing for sending these great pictures of the engine and computer set up. That is the correct way to set up a standalone computer even with a breather in the box. Heres what David had to say. This engine Kicks assssss.  The SDS rocks once you get it all programmed.  We entered the Master pull 500 in Reno 2 weeks ago and the engine had gobs of power and it didn't  over heat.  But we were driving so much faster that my dad busted both rear springs and we DNF'ed, big bummer but were were leading and even pulled to other truck out of the silt.  We also busted a front drive CV when the real end pulled out.  Oh well that's off Road Racing.   Were ordering springs and should be up and running in 2 months.  May get 1 more race in if money allows.  Wanted so say a huge thanks and lets talk about some more power.  We want a little more power.  The dyno showed 220 rear wheel TQ and about 170 Hp before final tuning.  That's at the rear wheel Awesome! When we weighed it we are perfectly balanced 1000 lbs at all wheels so out launching is perfect and the truck is settling well.

All Fired Up Racing Toyota 1 All Fired Up Racing Toyota 2All Fired Up Racing Toyota 3

All Fired Up Racing Toyota 4All Fired Up Racing Toyota 5All Fired Up Racing Toyota 6

All Fired Up Racing Toyota 7All Fired Up Racing Toyota 8

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