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Another Facebook Photo Contest
We love to see all the Toyota pictures so it's time for another photo/video contest!! Post up your best action photos or videos for a chance to win a gift certificate from LC Engineering!! First place will win a $20 gift certificate and second & third will each receive a $10 certificate. Contest ends January 31st. Don't do Facebook send your submissions to we will get them loaded for you.
Toyota rock crawlerToyota actionToyota air


We welcome in the new year with New Equipment

Out with the old in with the new. The CNC lathe that we have used for decades has been replaced. We recently purchased a Haas SL-30 CNC lathe with bar feeder. This new addition not only color coordinates all our CNC department to the Haas gray colors . A huge improvement in run times of the parts we make from the small spring shims to the 35 pound heavy flywheels.

.LC Engineering LatheLC ENgineering new lathe

New Weber Tech

For our Weber customers we have a easy way of locating the jets in your 32/36 and 38 Carburetor This can be found in our tech pages HERE

CAUTION: some web pages that have low prices on Carburetor are not selling real weber carb's. LC Engineering has only sold the original

Weber Carb Tech

The most popular Exhaust Kit We Make And Sell

4RUNNER Gen1Toyota Proflow cat back exhaust

For over twenty years this is our best seller. Not only do we use high quality Stainless Steel tubing but ceramic coat it for the best in corrosion protection and heat dissipation. Magnaflow Stainless Steel packed turbo muffler is used to keep the noise down but not to restrict the exhaust for an added power gain. To top it all off with chrome 3" tip for good looks. Bolt on installation uses stock Toyota exhaust gaskets and will come with instructions.

1042000 Pro Flow Exhaust (22R/RE & 3VZ) 2WD & 4WD(85-95) $399.95

4RUNNER 1984 to 1988
Leaf spring Rear


Prow flow 4RUNNER GEN1

1042012 Pro Flow Exhaust System 4Runner (84-88) $399.95

4RUNNER 1989 to 1995
Coil Spring Rear





Pro Flow Cat Back Exhaust 4RUNNER

1042009 Pro Flow Exhaust System 4Runner (89-95) $399.95

Pro Flow 2005 to 2010 Tacoma 2.7 Liter 2TR

Tacoma 2TR 2.7 Liter
New Tacoma cat back exhaust

1042025 Pro Flow Exhaust System 2TR Tacoma (05-10) $399.95

2 Wheel Drive Tacoma


Toyota Tacoma Exhaust

1042003 Pro Flow Exhaust System 2RZ Tacoma 2WD (95-04) $399.95

Tacoma Pre Runner

Tacoma Prerunner

Pre Runner cat back Exhaust

This ones for the guy that's looking for performance and ease of use. You won't find a shorter exhaust system for the Tacoma's. Pre-Runner Style exits in front of rear wheel for Standard Cab Only 4WD & 2WD Pre-Runners.

1042020 Pro Flow Exhaust Pre-Runner Style 3RZ Tacoma (95-04)$399.95

Tacoma 4X4

4x4 Tacoma

Flow Tacoma Toyota


1042023 Pro Flow Exhaust System 3RZ Tacoma (95-04) $399.95

We have Short Shifters

On Sale Lcengineering
2wd short shifter 1097000
Short Shifter Kit - 22R/RE(2wd) (88-95)
$179.95 EA
2RZ Short shifter 1097003
Short Shifter Kit - 2RZ/3RZ(2wd) (95-04)
$179.95 EA
Toyota short shifter 1097006
Short Shifter Kit - 5VZ(2wd) (95-04)
$179.95 EA
3RZ short shifter 1097009
Short Shifter Kit - 3RZ(4wd) (95-04)
$179.95 EA
Toyota truck short shifter 1097012
Short Shifter Kit - 5VZ/3VZ(4wd) (87-04)
$179.95 EA
Toyota truck short shifter 1097014
Short Shifter Kit - 3VZ(2wd) (87-95) w/Large Base
Toyota truck shifter 1097015
Short Shifter Kit - 3VZ(2wd) (87-95) w/Small Base
$179.95 EA

Pinion seal leaks

If you notice different al fluid leaking slightly from your pinion, one area you might want to check is the axle breather. The vent can become plugged either by mud or just years of of build up. When the vent is plugged the axle can not breath that's when fluid will get pushed out at the easiest point. It always seems to happen at the pinion seal. The best cure for this is the use of Creeper Breather Differential Breather.

The breather Prevents dirt, debris and water from getting in to your axle through the stock axle housing breather. Expands and contracts to accommodate increase or decrease in housing pressure. Kit includes one housing fitting, clamp and bellows (as shown). Easy installation takes just a few minutes. No hoses to route. Fits all Toyota Pickup / 4Runner solid axle housings (front or rear). Will not work with 4 link rear ends but if your linking the rear of your vehicle were sure yo will now what to do.

See Part 2053158 Differential Breather Kit $19.95 EA

Pinion Leak ToyotaDiff breather

Installing breatherInstalled

From the Island of Guam

Pat H. of Guam sent pictures of a very clean turbo Tacoma and the dog hauler 4X4. When you send pictures in please give us as much detail of your projects as you can.

Toyota tacomaTacoma Turbo

2RZ turboToyota 4x4

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