LC Engineering January Newsletter
The Action Shot Contest
Drum roll please. The January photo contest is over and the winner have been named.

In first place with a sick jump photo. Joey R and yes it's still in one piece! "landing was great thanks to total chaos long travel system uniball spindle kit".

Winning Toyota in the air

Second place with a action filled drag race run is louis in New jersey. First run with the car gave him more than a little thrill at the end of the run in a back and forth 2 wheel Ride of his life. Almost transferred into a true Corollover. See the You tube video below

Drag race 2 wheel


Third place is the early style Toyota running on 54" tires pulling a wheelie 22R power performance at its best.

Toyata wheelie


Race Season Is Here

And The engine shop has been busy building new engines and refreshing last years winners. We advise to be prepared and plan ahead.


22R race engine


The 22R is a very strong engine. In a race situation LC Engineering recommends, a freshen up once a year to keep the engine in tip top performance.

Tech Pages

We have rearranged the tech page menu to make it easier to follow. Take a look today as there is a lot of Toyota specific Technical information


New Performance 2TR Clutch Kits
2TR Pro Clutch Kit
Toyota 2TR Dual CompToyota 2TR 2.7 liter clutch kits

To Follow along with the other Pro clutch kits we now have 3 stages of performance clutch kits for the 2TR 2.7 liter 4 cylinder 2005 up to current model year.

The Pro clutch kit will feature a Heavy Duty pressure plate with over 20% more holding power, and made in the USA clutch disk. Kit will include a pilot bearing throw out bearing and the alignment tool for installing. Sold as a kit or available as individual parts.

Part 1053084 Pro Clutch Kit 2TR(05-10)

Introductory Price $324.95

Part 1053085 Dual Comp Clutch Kit 2TR(05-10)

Introductory Price $379.95

Part 1053086 Metallic Clutch Kit - 2TR(05-10)

Introductory Price $324.95

LCEngineering Silicone Hose

New silicone hose

The New LC Engineering Silicone Hose
Due to the large amount of silicone hose that we sell separately and in all the Pro air kits, we now have the LC logo emblazoned on the silicone elbows and straight couplers. The new hoses should be shipping with in the month.


Part 1072021

Silicone Elbow 45º (Black) 2.75" ID


Part 1072405

Silicone Coupler(Black) 2.75" ID



Silicone Hose Tech Tip
To Clean the silicone of dust or to clean it after install. Use a clean lint free rag with a 70% isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe hose off until it's clean.

The Original 22R Adjustable Cam Gear

As the originator of the adjustable cam gear for the Toyota 22R/RE LC Engineering has been making these gears for more than 20 years. With two new degree windows added for the convenience of multiple track timing changes quick. Anodized aluminum hubs with laser etched marks and OE flame hardened gears. You will not find a better adjustable timing gear in the world.

Adjustable Cam Gears are the only way to change cam timing on 20R, 22R, 2RZ and 3RZ series Toyota motors and still be accurate. Both single and double adjustable camshaft gears are available from LC Engineering. Adjustable cam gears are generally used to correct camshaft timing after the head has been milled or when the block is decked. Cam gears are an effective way to dial-in a camshaft by advancing the cam for low-end power or retarding the cam for top-end power.


Part 1022003Adjustable Cam Gear(Double Row Chain) 20R/22R/RET
Was $99.95 Now $89.95

Part 1022006Adjustable Cam Gear(Single Row Chain) 20R/22R/RET
Was $99.95 Now $89.95

Part 1022009 Adjustable Cam Gear 2RZ/3RZ(Fits on Intake Cam)
Was $119.95 Now $109.95


Pro Connecting Rods

Exclusive Pro Rods feature only the finest in craftsmanship and material. Preparation begins with magnaflux inspection to find any hidden flaws in the forging. The beams are polished and the rods shot peened to add surface strength. After this process, Pro Rod Bolts are installed along with our silicon bronze billet pin bushings, which replaces the factory split type bushings. The Pro journal is a modified rod that uses the LC Engineering pro rod bearing a better tri metal design. Each rod set is balanced for total weight and end-to-end balance.

Toyota pro connecting rods

Part 1013207 Pro Connecting Rods (Toyota Journal) 20R/22R/RE/RE/RET $289.95 EA

Part 1013204 Pro Connecting Rods (Pro Journal) 20R/22R/RE/RET $319.95 EA

H-Beam Rods

When 300 horsepower or more is expected, we recommend our Pro Chromoly Rods. These H-Beam Chromoly rods are manufactured exclusively for LC Engineering. These are not core units, this is a set of brand new heavy duty lightweight rods made from 4340 aircraft quality chromoly. H-beam rods are also fitted with ARP rod bolts. These are a must for any high performance application. The Pro journal is a modified rod that uses the LC Engineering pro rod bearing a better tri metal design. Chromoly H-beam rods with Pro journals weigh 694g each.

Toyota H-Beam

Part 1013198 Pro Connecting Rod (Toyota Journal H-Beam) 20R/22R/RE/RET
Was $299.95 Now $259.95

Part 1013195 Pro Connecting Rod(Pro Journal H-Beam) 20R/22R/RE/RET Was $374.95 Now $324.95

1985 SR5 4x4 X-Cab & 77 GT Celica

 Matt sent us a few pictures of his 1985 4x4 Truck. Matt bought it used for $4,995 on August 1st 1992 from the Toyota Dealer he was working at. Soon he will replace the engine from the Celica pictured.
Toyota 4x4

Toyota LCEngineering Customer1977 CELICA

1986 Toyota 4Runner

Below is Brad and his very clean 1986 4Runner with a 22RE. Just ordered up a compleat Pro Flow Exhaust system for the 4Runner. Other parts include 4inch lift, 33's tires and 4.88's gears. I get compliments all the time when I am cruising around town. The interior looks showroom and after I put the exhaust on it I am planning on updating the entire stereo! 

Black 4Runner Toyota

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