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The LC Engineering short shifters with the new stainless steel handles have been around for a long time. Recently we have come up with a new design for the older pickups with the W series transmissions. Well time has come to put all the short shifters on sale. Remember short shifters are not physically shorter, it's the shifter throw is shorter. With our short shifters it will be harder to change radio stations when shifting into first third and fifth. All of our Short Shifter kits are CNC machined to aircraft industry tolerances. The new W series kits include the marlin crawler heavy duty shifter cups also sold separately. Easy to install these kits are a perfect weekend upgrade for your Toyota trucks.


3RZ Street Crankshaft

We precision grind each crank to .25mm (.010") undersize on both the main and rod journals. We then micro polish each crank to a mirror finish for longer bearing life. The crankshaft is then "zero" balanced. This crankshaft is a direct replacement for the factory crank. Comes with new crank plugs and keyways. The Toyota 3RZ Crank is a factory forged crank shaft. LC engineering can supply the necessary bearings connecting rods and pistons to make this a compleat rotating assembly. Call our sales line for more information.

3RZ Crankshaft

Toyota 3RZ Crankshaft

LCE Toyota Stage 5 Camshaft


A race application camshaft designed for higher RPM engines using larger valves and very aggressive port work. This is an excellent choice for racers of all types. This cam will require upgraded valve train.

Intake Exhaust
Valve Lash .008 .012
Valve Lift 510 510
Advertised Duration 320° 320°
Duration @ .050" 270° 270°
Lobe Center 104° 104°
Intake Opens 28° BTDC
Intake Closes 62° ABDC
Exhaust Opens 62° BBDC
Exhaust Closes 28° ATDC
 Stage Five Cam

Price on Sale

Circle Track / Drag Race 3000-8000 rpm range Side drafts,
Big carb Ported head, Over sized pistons

Intake Exhaust
Valve Lash .008 .012
Valve Lift .527 .527
Advertised Duration 325° 325°
Duration @ .050" 274° 274°
Lobe Center 106° 106°
Intake Opens 31° BTDC
Intake Closes 63° ABDC
Exhaust Opens 63° BBDC
Exhaust Closes 31° ATDC

Outlaw Camshaft

Sale on now

Toyota Outlaw Camshaft LCEngineering

Toyota 22R/RE oil pan reman


The remanufactured oil pans we offer come with the pan, pickup tube, drain plug, drain plug gasket, pick-up tube gasket. These pans are remanufactured and will definitely show cosmetic flaws. We also offer new pans if you need that new finish.

4X4 Reman Oil Pan

All new OEM Oil Pans come with pan, drain plug and drain plug gasket the pick up tube sold separately.

See the New Toyota Oil Pan Here


2WD Pickup OIL PAN

Just like the 4X4 pans these are not cosmetically perfect but they hold oil just fine. Save money by getting a pick up tube and drain plug for less than the cost of just the OEM pan.

Check out the Reman Oil Pan Here

New OEM Oil Pan 2WD

LC Engineering low price

Toyota 2WD oil Pan

Main Studs On Sale for 22R/RE 2RZ and 3RZ

Save today and build a bullet proof bottom end. ARP main studs are manufactured from 8740 chromoly steel, heat-treated in-house to 200,000 psi tensile strength, and precision J-form threads rolled after heat-treat to create a fastener that has threads 1000% stronger than others.

Toyota stud set

Pro Main Stud Set - 20R/22R/RE

Pro Main Stud Set - 2RZ/3RZ

LC Pricing

Close Out Pricing On All Celica Rotors

Clica Convertable

We have supplied all sorts of parts for the older Celicas that came stock with the 20R and 22R engines. The time has come to clean our shelves of the Celica cross drilled and slotted brake rotors. Get them while you can. We may run them again but it will be on a special order and there will be a wait time. Price is good for current shelf stock only we will not hold any back orders at this price first come first served. Please call the order in so we can make sure that they are in stock.

40551129 Celica (8/85-12/85) GTS Rear Cross Drilled Rotors Racer Net: $49.95

40551129-1 Celica (8/85-12/85) GT, ST Cross Drilled Rotors Racer Net: $49.95

40551128 Celica (8/74-9/75) Cross Drilled Rotors Racer Net: $49.95

40551209 Celica (8/85-12/85) GTS Rear Cross Drilled Rotors $49.95

40551130 Celica (8/85-12/85) GTS Cross Drilled Rotors Racer Net: $49.95

40551235 Celica (8/83-7/85) GTS Rear Cross Drilled Rotors Racer Net: $49.95

Tech Line Now Stranding By

Our dedicated tech are standing by the phone lines now. We have some great tech information on the LC Engineering web site. Below are the two most popular instructions. Timing the Toyota and the TPS adjustment. Click below to open the PDF's in a new window from there you can print them out. Everyone with a fuel injected 22 should know this stuff by heart.

Toyota TPS adjustmentToyota 22 Timing

Call The LC Engineering Tech line 928-855-6341


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